Will your seemingly identical
products perform the same?

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Don't guess when you can test.

Sunlight, heat, and moisture can cause serious product deterioration over time – such as color change, cracking, peeling, oxidation, or loss of strength. Damage from weathering or corrosion occurs both outdoors and indoors, and its severity can vary greatly in different climates. Even raw materials that are seemingly identical often fail when exposed to sunlight and moisture in combination. Are you confident that your raw material suppliers are giving you equivalent products?

Reliable weathering, lightfastness, and durability testing using Q-Lab's test equipment and test services can help you avoid unexpected product failures. Testing can increase your profitability when used for selecting new or less expensive materials, improving existing materials, and evaluating how changes in formulation affect product durability and quality.

Natural outdoor weathering and corrosion testing gives the most realistic prediction of product performance in such environments, but with a longer test duration. Accelerated outdoor testing and accelerated laboratory testing can yield faster results. Many companies use both natural and accelerated testing in order to compare the data and ensure the reliability of any test program.

Will your seemingly identical products perform differently? Don't guess when you can test.


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