Meet Our Team: USA

  • Sean Fowler
    Senior Technical Director

  • Bill Tobin
    Weathering & Corrosion Technical Marketing Specialist

  • Andy Francis
    Marketing Director

  • Gary Cornell
    Global Manager of Standards, Quality & Calibration

  • Dave Duecker
    Technical Marketing Specialist

  • James Gauntner
    International Sales Manager

  • Richard A. Kish
    International Sales Manager

  • Alan Boerke
    Sales, North America

  • Jean-Paul Riccio
    Domestic Technical Sales Rep

  • Smrithi Kumar
    Global Customer Education Specialist

  • Bob Little
    Q-PANEL Product Engineer

  • Melissa Precise
    Q-PANEL Product Specialist

  • Eddie Corcino
    Global Repair Director

  • Kimberly Hornyak
    Senior Repair Support Coordinator

  • Mike Garrett
    Senior Repair & Tester Support Advisor

  • Bill Dilworth
    Export Repair Manager

  • Mike Kuntz
    Electronics Repair Technician

  • Mike Gimza
    Field Repair Technician

  • Greg Jones
    Field Repair Technician

  • Jesus Perez
    Field Service Technician

  • David Schwab
    Field Service Technician

  • Ryan Vajda
    Global Order Desk and Calibration Manager

  • Jessica Vasquez
    Global Order Specialist and Export Advisor

  • Sarah Montgomery
    Global Order Specialist

  • Christiane Zimmermann
    Global Order Specialist

  • Christine Bandersky
    Global Order Specialist

  • Mary Mateer

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Allemagne : +49-681-857470
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