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Q-Lab Announces the 2013 Shanghai International Automotive Weathering Technology Symposium

Posted: 8/6/2013

The 2013 Shanghai International Automotive Weathering Technology Symposium organized by Q-Lab will be held on 12 September 2013.

Experts from automotive OEMs, testing labs, and material suppliers will discuss the latest weathering requirements, testing techniques, and achievements in material durability improvement for the automotive industry.  Symposium attendees will learn the technological background and contents of new GB and ASTM standards on weathering, discover the latest developments in weathering, and have the opportunity to discuss it all with over a hundred experts from the auto industry.

For more information on this exclusive event, please click here for the invitation in Chinese and English

Q-Lab Corporation is the global leader in weathering and corrosion test equipment and outdoor exposure test services.  Q-Lab’s brands include QUV, Q-SUN, Q-FOG and Q-PANEL.  Q-Lab is known as “the most trusted name in weathering”. 

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