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Is the cough syrup on the right still effective?

Q-Lab is the world leader in lightstability test equipment and test services for the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries. In the cosmetics industry, products are exposed to artificial light in display cases as well as sunlight through store windows. Colorants are susceptible to photodegradation in these conditions. In addition, fading of packaging usually renders a product unfit for sale regardless of the color stability of the consumable item. Drug substances are often highly reactive to light energy, so it is critical for manufacturers to ensure their products retain their safety and efficacy after light exposure.

Will your products resist photodegradation on a store shelf or in the consumer's home? Will light from any source change their color, efficacy, or safety? Has something changed in your process that might affect your product's lightstability? Don't guess when you can test.

Q-Lab serves customers in a variety of cosmetics and pharmaceutical segments, including:

  • Drug substances
  • Protective packaging
  • Cosmetic colorants
  • Retail packaging
  • Sunscreens

For most pharmaceutical and cosmetics testing, the Q-SUN xenon test chamber is used to simulate sunlight through a window, providing significant acceleration compared to a typical interior exposure. The versatile flat-specimen tray in the Q-SUN tester allows for easy testing of products in a variety of bottles or containers.

Tests in the Q-SUN xenon test chamber meet common industry test standards, including:

  • ICH Guideline for the Photostability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products
  • COLIPA Method for in vitro determination of UVA protection, 2011
  • Measurement of UVA: UVB Ratios According to the Boots Star Rating System
  • FDA 21 CFR Parts 201 and 310 (June, 2011)
  • Here, an odd-shaped medicine bottle is being readied for accelerated weathering testing in the QUV tester.

  • Color is especially important to the cosmetics industry. Testing is the best way to gain confidence in a product's color stability.

  • Odd-shaped specimens can easily be accommodated in the Q-SUN Xe-1 and Xe-3 tester's flat specimen tray.

  • The pharmaceutical industry often tests for the effects of light on packaging and the product itself.

  • The Q-SUN Xe-3 is shown here testing cosmetics for lightfastness and colorfastness.

  • Perfumes are premium products that command a high price. As a consumer, would you buy the bottle on the right?



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