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(Webinar) Light stability testing and color measurement of home and personal care products

Posted: 23/07/2019 Free Webinar: Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Thursday, August 8th at 12 pm EDT

Presented by Q-Lab and HunterLab.

Light exposure, moisture, and temperature are important causes of damage to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other personal care products. Q-Lab and HunterLab are joining forces with an informative webinar to highlight the importance of light stability testing and color measurement.

This webinar will review:

Interior Lighting
Natural Exposures
Xenon Arc Light Stability Testing
Fluorescent UV and Cool White Lighting testing
ICH Guidelines
Testing Best Practices and Practical Considerations
Basics of Color Science and Applications
How Color is Evaluated, Measured and Communicated including color scales and basic measurement techniques 

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