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새로운 "E" 모델 Q-SUN 시험기는 듀얼 터치 스크린 디스플레이가 장착되었으며, 더 길어진 램프 수명 과 높은 광량의 세팅, 그리고 8개의 언어(한글 포함)를 선택 가능한 Gen 4 (4세대) 컨트롤러가 포함되었습니다.

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Q-FOG CRH Cyclic Corrosion Tester with Rapid Ramp Heater

NEW Q-FOG CRH Testers with Rapid Ramp capabilities can perform all tests from major international standard bodies and OEM's. It meets test conditions calling for fast temperature ramping.

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Gen 4 (4세대) QUV 촉진내후성 시험기

세계에서 가장 널리 사용되는 내후성 시험기 (The world’s most widely used weathering tester ™)

새로운 Gen 4 QUV 시험기는 듀얼 터치스크린 디스플레이가 장착 되었으며, 더 높은 광량의 시험을 위한 고출력 “Plus” 램프, 그리고 8개의 언어(한글 포함)를 선택 가능한 Gen 4 (4세대) 컨트롤러가 포함 되었습니다.

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괄목할 실험장치

괄목할 실험장치

The new Q-FOG CRH corrosion tester with Rapid Ramp Heater capabilities performs all major corrosion tests from international standards bodies and OEM’s. Learn More.

괄목할 실험 서비스

괄목할 실험 서비스

All Q-Lab test services facilities are open and accepting new tests! This applies to both outdoor testing as well as accelerated laboratory testing. Contact us to get started with a new test.Learn More.


Polyester Powder Coatings for Architectural Applications Polyester Powder Coatings for Architectural Applications

DSM were experiencing stems from their purchase of three fluorescent UV chambers from a Q-Lab competitor. 자세히보기

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Get a Free Copy of ASTM D7869!

Sign Up For a Complimentary Copy of ASTM D7869

Q-Lab offers complimentary copies of ASTM D7869, for automotive weathering testing.

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