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Impact Solutions is a leader in testing, recycling, certification, and research services for plastics. Based in Grangemouth, UK, they have over 120 years of combined experience and 6 million hours of test data in this specialized field. Grangemouth is the main processing, refining and petrochemicals center for North Sea Oil & Gas operations, making it an ideal location for Impact to deliver plastics testing. Impact Solutions (IS) features an ISO 17025 UKAS-accredited testing laboratory that handles all high-risk plastics products for EU testing and certification. Weathering testing, however, was not one of their main focal points.


When the UK’s largest accelerated weathering test center moved its operations out of the United Kingdom, IS saw the opportunity to close a gap left in the weathering test marketplace for plastics. In order to quickly build their weathering capabilities and expertise, IS turned to Q-Lab.

Why Q-Lab?

Through some positive experiences with Q-Lab in the past, the team at IS knew that Q-Lab’s mission was to deliver the simplest, easiest to use, and most reliable weathering testers in the world. They also had experienced their low total cost of ownership, and Q-Lab’s superb delivery/customer service. Impact Solutions determined that Q-Lab would be their best option to help them reach their goals quickly.

Laboratory Description and Results

Q-Lab delivered a full suite of UV fluorescent (QUV) and xenon arc (Q-SUN Xe-3) test chambers in just three weeks, from initial order to the installation of each unit. This fast service enabled IS to hit the ground running, and keep up with rapidly growing customer demand.

Subsequently, Impact Solutions have since invested in four more Q-SUN xenon arc chambers, and one QUV accelerated weathering tester. IS describes the Q-SUN Xe-3 as “the most cost-effective accelerated weathering unit on the planet.” Impact Solutions have had such a good experience with Q-Lab’s testers that they’ve affectionately named them after Scottish islands – Arran, Benbecula, Copinsay, Danna, Eriskay and Flotta. A new tester will soon occupy the “G” slot!

How Q-Lab Has Helped Impact Solutions

Following the rapid acquisition and installation of Q-Lab accelerated weathering testers, Impact Solutions has become a UKAS-accredited laboratory for accelerated weathering under a flexible scope. Rather than specifying particular standards in its accreditation, this flexible scope allows Impact Solutions to test to any weathering standard that falls within its comprehensive capabilities.

Gregg Falconer, Operations Director at Impact Solutions notes, “Since we decided to expand our weathering capabilities, Q-Lab has supported us in outstanding fashion, right from the beginning. We have built up a fantastic working relationship with their team. Their testers are a trusted quality brand, with affordable prices and low total cost of ownership. This has enabled us to continue to rapidly grow our capabilities. With Q-Lab at our side, and excellent customer service and efficient lead time, Impact Solutions is fast becoming the leading test laboratory for weathering testing in the UK.”

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