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Marks & Spencer Endorse Q-SUN Lightfastness Testing

Posted: 4/20/2009
Marks & Spencer (M&S) approves the Q-SUN lightfastness tester, “following its successful evaluation at the labs of Specialized Technology Resources UK (STR) ,” confirms Mr. Ian Morris, Product Testing, Safety and Plan A Delivery Manager for M&S.

STR, an accredited light fastness testing laboratory used by M&S, has a worldwide team of highly trained technical support staff with extensive experience in evaluating the quality of all types of garments, fabrics, hosiery and home furnishings. Results from extensive evaluations concluded that the Q-SUN flat array style tester gives similar lightfastness results as the rotating drum testers that have traditionally been approved by M&S.  The tester also has comparable irradiance uniformity and humidity uniformity. 

In STR’s final report, the Q-SUN also received high accolades for its ease of use.
”Machine operation is straight forward, aided by a clear and simple visual display (This is backed up by a concise operating manual).”

“Burner change is straight forward, aided via good accessibility via a large hinged door and burner housing removal.”   

“Calibration is conducted using the supplied calibration device and is simply a plug-and-play operation using simple instructions.”   

“Specimen mounting is quick and easy. The sturdy design of the holders and the fact that the mask is guided on three sides allows precise re-masking therefore reducing the prospect of ghosting.”

The “Approved Equipment List” for Marks & Spencer’s C9 and C9A lightfastness testing now includes the Q-SUN Xe-3-H.  This list is available on their Quality Standards Website. At a time when cost reduction is critical, the Q-SUN approval introduces a new affordable lightfastness tester for use by M&S and their vendors.

For more information about how the Q-SUN Xe-3 can benefit your Marks & Spencer lightfastness testing, contact Q-Lab at, or visit
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