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New Q-SUN is 400V: No Transformer Needed

Posted: 8/11/2009
Aug 11, 2009 – The new 400 volt Q-SUN Xenon Test Chambers can be used in any country world wide without a transformer.  This equipment improvement is now standard on the Q-SUN Xe-3 models with humidity control. (Other Q-SUN Xe-3 models do not require a transformer).

Q-SUN chambers are used worldwide for accelerated weathering and light stability testing of products used indoors or outdoors. The testers meet a wide range of ISO, ASTM, AATCC, SAE, DIN and other standards.   

Each Q-SUN model has special features that make it the right choice for specific tests, product applications, or budgets. But all Q-SUN testers share some common “family” characteristics.

Cost-Effective. Q-SUN chambers are easy to install, operate and maintain. This reduces both the initial purchase price and operating costs for the life of the equipment.
Large Specimen Capacity. Q-SUN Xe-1 and Xe-3 models feature a slide-out specimen tray that can hold unusual shapes and sizes, even large 3-dimensional parts. The Model B02’s specimen capacity is 48% to 92% larger than comparable models.

Efficient Lamps & Filters.  The Q-SUN testers' air-cooled xenon arc lamps reproduce the full spectrum of sunlight. They cost much less than competitive lamps, are easier to install, and have a long service life. Optical filters are used to realistically reproduce sunlight, sunlight through window glass, or other spectra required by test methods.
SOLAR EYE Irradiance Systems.  Solar EyeTM ensures maximum repeatability and reproducibility. Calibration is quick and easy with the patented AUTOCAL system. All Q-SUN models control specimen temperature, and many models feature chamber air temperature and relative humidity control.

Q-SUN Xe-3 is a full-size unit with three lamps and a 17.75" x 28.26" (451 mm x 718 mm) specimen tray. Options include water spray, dual spray for acid etch, chiller, chamber air temperature and relative humidity controls. Even with its multiple capabilities, the Xe-3 costs much less to purchase and operate than comparable xenon testers.  Now, without the need for a transformer, Xe-3 units with humidity control don’t require the added expense or hassle of a transformer.
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