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Q-Lab Celebrates Local Police and Firefighters

Posted: 5/31/2017

Q-Lab and Westlake Community MembersQ-Lab Corporation recently celebrated its second annual Westlake Police and Firefighters Appreciation Day.  Held at its Westlake, Ohio headquarters, the event was organized to honor the men and women who put their lives at risk every day, in support of Q-Lab’s local community.

“Civilized life would be impossible without police protection,” said Doug Grossman, President and CEO of Q-Lab.  The police are required to put themselves in difficult situations in order to protect us.  Fire has been destroying lives ever since humans built the first huts out of sticks and thatch.  Nowadays, when fire gets out of hand, we, the citizens, can run away -- because we know that the firefighters will run toward the danger.”

Grossman continued, “We are blessed with excellent police and fire departments in Westlake.  Their professionalism is one reason this is such a safe and tranquil community. We want to express our sincerest appreciation for the dedicated men and women who stand ready to put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf.  Thank you so much for your service!”

One of Q-Lab’s production line supervisors, Damian Cain, expressed his appreciation for the event, “This event has a personal significance for me, as today is the ten year anniversary of my friend’s end of watch, Officer Jason West. In today's culture, the sacrifices our police and firefighters make sometimes go unrecognized. To have the company I work for take the time to appreciate their sacrifices makes me proud to be part of the Q-Lab team.”

Several dozen men and women from the Westlake police and fire departments enjoyed a catered buffet before departing on urgent calls.  Westlake Mayor Dennis Clough and Councilwoman Lynda Appel were on hand to enjoy the festivities.

Photo courtesy of Bob Tuneberg of The Villager Newspaper.

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