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Q-Lab Convenes First European Automotive Weathering and Corrosion Symposium

Posted: 7/30/2017

Q-Lab Corporation, a worldwide leader in accelerated weathering and corrosion equipment and outdoor exposure testing, convened the first European Automotive Weathering and Corrosion Symposium in Frankfurt, Germany, on 8 June 2017.

Nearly 50 delegates and speakers participated in a full day of sessions on weathering and corrosion in the automotive industry. Companies represented included both automotive manufacturers and suppliers, including Renault, FIAT, Momentive, and Swerea KIMAB.

Dr. Andy Francis of Q-Lab provided the morning keynote address, “100 years of Weathering and Corrosion Testing: Improvements in Realism, Reproducibility, and Correlation.” Presentations delivered at the symposium covered a range of topics, including color and texture measurement, weathering and corrosion test cycle development, correlation between accelerated and outdoor testing, and case studies relevant to automotive materials’ field performance.

Q-Lab’s products and services are extensively used in the paint, plastics, and automotive industries for R&D, quality control, and to test for weathering and corrosion durability. Q-Lab manufactures and sells affordable, easy-to-use and low-maintenance weathering, light stability and corrosion test equipment. Q-Lab is a leader in outdoor exposure testing, and offers expert accelerated lab testing on a contract basis in both Europe and the United States.

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