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Q-Lab Offers Complimentary Copies of ASTM D7869 for Automotive Weathering Testing

Posted: 8/26/2013

Q-Lab Corporation, the global leader in weathering testing, is excited to offer customers a complimentary electronic copy of the newly published ASTM D7869 standard, “Standard Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure Test with Enhanced Light and Water Exposure for Transportation Coatings.”  Q-Lab has purchased a bulk set of copies of the new standard through ASTM International and is distributing them at no charge. Q-Lab customers simply need to complete a short online form and ASTM will send the new standard via email.

ASTM D7869 is the result of a decade of collaborative effort amongst leaders in the automotive, aerospace, coatings and weathering industries, including Q-Lab. The new method improves correlation between laboratory and natural Florida exposures and accurately reproduces color change, gloss loss, cracking, adhesion, delamination and photo-oxidation. It is a dramatic improvement over previous methods, making it the new “state of the art” in accelerated weathering science.

Q-Lab’s President Douglas Grossman, who also chairs ASTM subcommittee D01.27 on accelerated testing of paints and coatings, calls the new standard “the most thoroughly researched weathering test procedure ever developed.”  He notes that ASTM D7869 represents several important breakthroughs in the weathering field, including providing a method for ensuring minimum water delivery to specimens, and clearly defining requirements for specimen repositioning in all xenon arc test chamber types.

Grossman says, “Q-Lab is proud to have been a part of this groundbreaking project and is happy to provide access to the standard for our valued customers.”  

There is a limited quantity of complimentary copies available. To obtain one, complete our online form.

Q-SUN Xe-2 and Xe-3 xenon test chambers from Q-Lab are capable of readily performing the new test. For more information, visit

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