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Q-Lab Acquires Arizona Desert Testing, LLC

Posted: 2/22/2024

Q-Lab, a global leader in weathering and corrosion lab equipment and outdoor exposure testing, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Arizona Desert Testing, LLC (AZTEST). AZTEST performs benchmark outdoor desert exposure testing, with a focus on automotive interior materials. Q-Lab has operated a virtually-identical Arizona testing business to AZTEST for decades, and the two companies share a long history of mutual respect and collaboration. This represents the largest acquisition in Q-Lab’s 68-year history. 


The combined business will be called Q-Lab Arizona Desert Testing, and will be located at AZTEST’s current site in Wittmann, AZ. This facility is currently being expanded to add Q-Lab’s existing equipment, people, and operations from Q-Lab’s current site, in nearby Buckeye, AZ. Q-Lab Arizona Desert Testing will be one of the world’s premier sites for Arizona benchmark testing of automotive interior materials, paints & coatings, and architectural materials. The site will make Q-Lab the top provider of Automotive Interior Material (AIM) box testing in the world.

“We are thrilled to join forces with AZTEST. The new combined organization instantly triples our scale, and furthers our testing capabilities, capacity, and ability to service customers at fair prices all over the world,” says Harlan Reid, Q Lab Testing Services Managing Director. “We’re much greater than the sum of our parts. This is a true 1+1=3.”

Joe Robbins III, AZTEST’s former co-owner, adds, “When it came time to find a new owner for our business, Q-Lab was a perfect fit and we didn’t consider anyone else. Our team is extremely excited to continue the long legacy we’ve built at AZTEST. I’m also personally excited to help the Q-Lab team during this transition.”

Q-Lab is a global leader in weathering and corrosion lab equipment, including the QUV brand name, the world’s most widely-used weathering tester. In addition to Arizona desert testing, Q-Lab also performs subtropical weathering testing at its expansive testing facility in Homestead, Florida.

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