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Q-Lab Announces Launch of New Contract Testing Laboratory in China

Posted: 10/30/2019

Q-Lab, the worldwide leader in weathering and corrosion test equipment and outdoor exposure test services, is proud to announce the launch of our new, fully-equipped contract testing laboratory in Shanghai, China.

The lab provides expert, cost-effective accelerated testing services to customers throughout Asia and comprises multiple QUV weathering, Q-SUN xenon arc, and Q-FOG corrosion test chambers.  Color, gloss and other visual evaluation services are also available.  The lab mirrors many of the same capabilities as Q-Lab’s Testing Services locations in Florida and Germany.

Customers across Asia now have a new option for reliable and cost-effective accelerated weathering and corrosion contract testing from “the most trusted name in weathering.”

For more information about Q-Lab’s new accelerated testing facilities and weathering test equipment, visit

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