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Field Test Lab Technician (Buckeye, AZ)

Posted: 1/4/2019

Q-Lab is a leading manufacturing and testing service company with global locations and 60+ years in business. We have an outstanding culture and are a repeat Top Workplace award winner.


We are currently looking for a Field Test Lab Technician to assist in our onsite weathering testing.


Our materials test satellite facility located in Buckeye, AZ performs natural and artificial weathering tests to determine the outdoor exposure durability of a wide range of materials. Weathering damage causes billions of dollars of product damage each year, and we help our customers determine if their products will last outdoors. We write test reports on the performance of these materials during their exposure. We test all types of products for ability to withstand outdoor degradation due to the weather. We use large weathering fixtures and frames to mount specimens for exposure, and we use various tools and other hardware to create special fixtures.



This role involves the setup and take down of tests determining the resistance of materials to the degrading effects of normal weather. The “weathering” studied is the impact of sunlight, moisture and temperature and it is critical towards the understanding of a material’s performance against normal, every-day conditions.


Once exposed, the technician is tasked with the periodic removal of specimens from exposure and delivering them to the appropriate department. Once analyses are completed, the technician must remount existing exposures as closely as possible to the original configuration.



·         Mount specimens and place them on exposure

·         Remove specimens from exposure and deliver them to the designated department

·         Remount existing test specimens when necessary (after removal, for repair of racks, or improve exposure)

·         Startup and/or shutdown of accelerated outdoor equipment (Q-TRACs and AIM Boxes)

·         Continually consolidate tests on the accelerated outdoor equipment to make room for new tests

·         Complete Freeze/Thaw process as scheduled

·         Perform Field Checks to maintain exposures correctly

·         Maintain the accelerated equipment availability report

·         Ensure test supply stocks are maintained

·         Other duties as required or necessary



This position requires a degree of manual dexterity and ability to work with tools. Must be able to read and understand complex test instructions. Must be comfortable working outside for extended periods and must be able to lift 50 lbs. Experience with Excel is a plus. 



This position involves a large amount of time in the field and/or warehouse. Must be able to drive an electric golf cart and lift moderately heavy or awkwardly sized objects.


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