Dr. Andreas Giehl

Technical and Standards Director, EMEAI

Andreas holds a M.Sc. in Chemistry from Aachen University in Germany and earned a Ph.D. in technical chemistry at the German Wool Research Institute, Aachen with his award-winning thesis.

Andreas started his career in R&D at DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH, a leading global dyestuff manufacturer.  He holds several patents on wool and polyamide dyes.  Before leaving DyStar to join Q-Lab, he held the position as the Head of Fastness and Analytical Labs, as well as Application Lab Manager.  His responsibilities included all customer inquiries regarding textile dyeing processes and all aspects of fastness testing, especially light fastness and weathering testing.

Andreas is a key member of several ISO, DIN and DEK standardization committees and retains strong relationships with various universities and testing institutes.  He is intimately familiar with weathering and lightfastness testing equipment from multiple manufacturers; including Q-Lab, Atlas, etc.

It is with this solid background in weathering and lightfastness testing that Dr. Giehl decided to join the growing Q-Lab Team as Technical and Standards Director for Europe.   His role is to provide technical support to Q-Lab’s customers and work diligently with standards committees to ensure they continue to advance the industry, are performance-based, and are fair and open to all equipment makers.  Dr. Giehl also provides leadership for Q-Lab’s new ISO 17025-accredited European accelerated lab in Q-Lab Germany.

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