Meet Our Team: EMEAI

  • James Regan
    International Sales Manager, EMEAI

  • Christian Martin
    Senior Manager & EMEAI Repair Manager

  • Patrick Brück
    Operations Manager, EMEAI

  • Dr. Andreas Giehl
    Technical & Standards Director, EMEAI

  • Joanne Cook
    UK MarCom Specialist / UK and EU Panel Sales Specialist

  • Christiaen Kors
    International Sales Manager

  • Robin Evans
    International Sales Manager

  • Dominique Miller
    International Sales Manager & Q-PANEL Specialist

  • Mohammed Ben Hiba
    International Sales Manager

  • Axel Koerper
    Accelerated Laboratory Manager, Europe

  • Mouna Shakkour
    Calibration Laboratory Technician

  • Josef Kronauer
    Repair Support Coordinator

  • Alexander Kurtz
    Laboratory Technician

  • Fred Kolbe
    Field Repair Technician

  • André Wildraut
    Field Repair Technician

  • Martin Cooper
    Senior Field Repair Technician

  • Paul Lloyd
    Field Repair Technician

  • Joe Skelton
    Field Repair Technician

  • Christoph Schmidt
    EU Order Desk and Marketing Coordinator

  • Angela Greenhalgh
    Accounts and Office Manager

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Q-Lab Phone Numbers

USA: +1-440-835-8700
Florida & Arizona Test Services: +1-305-245-5600
UK/Europe: +44-1204-861616
Germany: +49-681-857470
China: +86-21-5879-7970

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