Gary Cornell

Global Manager of Standards, Quality & Calibration


Gary Cornell is currently the Global Manager of Standards, Quality & Calibration for Q-Lab, where he directs the company’s quality system, standards compliance, calibrations, and audits.  He is a member of A2LA, SAE, USIFI and at least 15 ASTM committees, including past vice chairman for ASTM D20 and current chairman of ASTM sub-committee D20.61, Plastics, and sub-committee chairman of ASTM D20.50. In 2015, Gary was elected as Vice-Chair of the Society for Automotive Engineering (SAE) Textile and Flexible Plastics Committee and in 2018 elected as chair.  He is a US delegate for several ISO standards committees including: TC61, Plastics; TC35, Paint and Coatings; TC 42, Photography and TC38, Textiles.

Gary is currently head of the US delegation for ISO TC61

Gary’s has over 40 years of experience in the polymer field, and extensive technical expertise in the area of mechanical and chemical testing of polymers, plastics, rubber and textiles. Gary has been a lead ISO 17025 auditor for A2LA for 21 years, performing over 320 laboratory audits.  In April of 2014, Gary was given the Award of Excellence from ASTM International Committee D20 on Plastics, in recognition of his contribution to the group. In 2016 Gary was awarded the Award of Merit from ASTM, the highest society award granted to an individual member for distinguished service and outstanding participation in ASTM International committee activities. Recipients also receive the honorary title of Fellow.

Gary was the Technical Manager/Quality Manager of BFGoodrich/Geon/PolyOne’s Physical Testing Lab for 13 years. He has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Cleveland State University.

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