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Q-Lab Announces Launch of New Q-PANEL CX Corrosion Coupons

Posted: 13.4.2016

Q-Lab Corporation, a worldwide leader in corrosion and accelerated weathering test equipment and test services, is proud to announce the launch of new Q-PANEL CX corrosion coupons (also known as mass loss coupons). The new coupons meet the requirements of GMW14872, ASTM B117, SAE J2334, SAE J2721, and ISO 9227 standards.

Corrosion coupons are standardized steel panels that serve as reference specimens in corrosion testing. They help a user verify the rate of corrosion in corrosion chambers and serve as independent test monitoring devices. Q-Lab’s CX-series of standard corrosion test coupons are ideally suited for this application – they are consistent, clean, convenient, and cost-effective.Our standard corrosion coupons are available in three varieties and are offered in quantities of 30. They are typically in-stock, allowing for quick turnaround when ordered



These corrosion coupons are made from SAE1008-1010 carbon steel, measuring 1 × 2 × 0.125" (25 x 51 x 3mm).  They come standard with rounded corners and a Q-shaped center hole and plastic mounting hardware for convenience. CXB-12 coupons are designed for testing to important corrosion standards like               GMW14872, GMW9540P, and SAE J2334. 


Q-Lab’s CXC-35 Corrosion Coupons are 3 × 5 × 0.032" (76 x 127 x 0.8mm) panels made from SAE1008 commercial-grade, cold-rolled carbon steel. CXC-35 corrosion coupons meet all of the requirements of the ASTM B117 salt fog corrosion test standard.


Measuring 2.76 × 5.90 × 0.047" (70 × 150 × 1.2 mm) of CR-4 grade steel, CXD-2.76-5.90 corrosion coupons meet the test requirements set out in standards ISO 9227 and VDA-233-102.

In addition to the standard options, we can also make custom corrosion coupons in a variety of shapes, sizes, alloys, and finishes.

All Q-PANEL CX-series corrosion coupons include a Certificate of Analysis, come pre-cleaned and ready to use right out of the package.  This allows the user to simply measure the panels and place them in the tester, saving time and effort.  And best of all, CX corrosion coupons are often half the price of competitors’ coupons.

Find out which option is best for your testing.

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