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Q-Lab’s Gary Cornell Elected as Vice-Chair of SAE Committee

Affiché : 27/03/2015

Q-Lab, the worldwide leader in accelerated weathering equipment and outdoor exposure test services, is pleased to announce that Mr. Gary Cornell was recently elected as Vice-Chair of the Society for Automotive Engineering (SAE) Textile and Flexible Plastics Committee.

Some of the important weathering standards covered by this committee are: SAE J2412 (xenon arc weathering of automotive interiors), J2527 and J2020 (xenon arc and UV fluorescent weathering of automotive exteriors), and J1976 (outdoor weathering of exterior materials), just to name a few.

Gary has worked with SAE for many years.  He is currently the Global Manager of Standards, Quality & Calibration for Q-Lab, where he directs the company’s quality system, standards compliance, calibrations, and audits.  

Mr. Cornell is also a member of ASTM, A2LA, and USIFI, and is a US delegate for several ISO standards committees including: TC61 (Plastics), TC35 (Paint and Coatings), TC 42 (Photography) and TC38 (Textiles). In December of 2014, Gary was elected Chairman of ASTM’s Subcommittee D20.61.

Gary has over 37 years of experience in the field of polymers and extensive technical expertise in the area of mechanical and chemical testing of polymers, plastics, and rubber.

Q-Lab’s products and services are extensively used in the paint, plastics, and automotive industries for R&D, quality control, and to test for weathering durability. Q-Lab manufactures and sells affordable, easy-to-use and low-maintenance weathering, light stability and corrosion test equipment. Q-Lab is also a leader in outdoor exposure testing, and offers expert accelerated lab testing on a contract basis in both Europe and the United States.

Discover more information on Q-Lab’s industry-leading accelerated weathering testers and contract testing services by contacting info@q-lab.com, or visit www.q-lab.com.

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