Household Detergent Cleaner


With a Q-SUN Xe-3 xenon test chamber and outdoor behind-glass testing at Q-Lab Florida,a global leader in the consumer products industry conducted a set of tests on UV-inhibited and uninhibited detergent cleaners, to look for color changes. 

From their testing and analysis, the company was able to 1) determine that their uninhibited product’s color had unacceptably pronounced changes after only 2 days behind-glass outdoor exposure in Florida and only 3 days in Mexico; 2)correlate this to an accelerated test of only 9.9 hours in the Q-SUN chamber;and 3) show that the inhibited products exhibited nearly three times this resistance to color change.

As a result of the testing, the customer was able to implement with confidence an accelerated test in their Q-SUN chamber, to improve both test turnaround time and repeatability.

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