Normen voor de Q-TRAC Proeven Met Geconcentreerd Zonlicht

AAMA 624

Voluntary Specification, Performance Requirements and Test Procedures for High Performance Organic Coatings on Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Profiles

This specification describes test procedures and performance requirements for high performance, organic, coatings applied to fiber reinforced thermoset profiles for windows, doors and similar products.

ASTM D4141

Standard Practice for Conducting Black Box and Solar Concentrating Exposures of Coatings

This practice covers two accelerated outdoor exposure procedures for evaluating the exterior durability of coatings applied to substrates.

ASTM D4364

Standard Practice for Performing Outdoor Accelerated Weathering Tests of Plastics Using Concentrated Sunlight

This practice covers the use of Fresnel-reflecting concentrators that use the sun as a source of ultraviolet (UV) and longer wavelength radiation. Such devices are used in the outdoor accelerated exposure testing of plastics.

ASTM D5105

Standard Practice for Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Pressure-Sensitive Tapes Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight

This practice covers one procedure for the exposure of pressure-sensitive tapes to an accelerated outdoor weathering environment.


Standard Practice for Performing Accelerated Outdoor Weathering of Nonmetallic Materials Using Concentrated Natural Sunlight

Fresnel-reflecting concentrators using the sun as source are utilized in the accelerated outdoor exposure testing of nonmetallic materials.

ISO 877-3 (EN) (DIN)

Plastics - Methods of Exposure to Solar Radiation - Part 3: Intensified Weathering Using Concentrated Solar Radiation

SAE J1961

Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials Using a Solar Fresnel Reflector Apparatus

SAE J576

Plastic Material or Materials for Use in Optical Parts Such as Lenses and Reflex Reflector of Motor Vehicle Lighting Devices

This SAE Recommended Practice provides test methods and requirements to evaluate the suitability of plastic material or materials intended for optical application in motor vehicles.

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