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Cyclic corrosion testing provides the best possible laboratory simulation of natural atmospheric corrosion. Research indicates that cyclic corrosion testing results are similar to outdoor environments in resulting structure, morphology, and relative corrosion rates. Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion chambers can perform traditional salt spray, Prohesion, and most cyclic automotive tests. They feature fully-adjustable relative humidity and precise control over ramp times. An optional shower function is also available. Q-FOG CRH chambers are available in two sizes to fulfill a wide range of testing requirements. Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion testers are the simplest, most reliable, and easiest to use RH-controlled corrosion chambers available.

Cyclic Corrosion Testing

The Q-FOG model CRH represents a true breakthrough in the price-performance ratio of corrosion testers with RH control. It can perform most major automotive corrosion test standards, such as GMW 14872, SAE J2334, and many others from Ford, ISO, GB/T, VW, Volvo, Chrysler, Renault, JASO, and others. The tester has all the features and advantages required in cyclic corrosion testers as well as full variable humidity control through the use of an innovative air pre-conditioner. Additionally, the CRH model includes a Shower Function that can be used interchangeably with traditional salt fog. With the Shower Function, spray droplets are much bigger, flow rates are much higher, and shower times are much shorter than the traditional atomized mist in the Salt Fog Function. The CRH tester features an advanced cleaning feature for spray nozzles that prevents the clogging frequently found in competitive chambers. Within one Q-FOG CRH chamber, it is possible to cycle through a series of the most significant corrosion environments. Even extremely complex test cycles can easily be programmed with the Q-FOG controller. See LF-8131 – Standards Met by Q-FOG Testers or visit our standards page for a detailed list of test methods met by the Q-FOG CRH chamber.

Models (also see Features Tab)

  • Q-FOG CRH600-HSC: conventional salt fog and Prohesion tests, humidity control, shower module, 640 liter chamber volume
  • Q-FOG CRH600-HSCR: conventional salt fog and Prohesion tests, humidity control, shower module, fast temperature and relative humidity transitions, 640 liter chamber volume
  • Q-FOG CRH1100-HSC: conventional salt fog and Prohesion tests, humidity control, shower module, 1103 liter chamber volume
  • Q-FOG CRH1100-HSCR: conventional salt fog and Prohesion tests, humidity control, shower module, fast temperature and relative humidity transitions, 1103 liter chamber volume

See LF-8110 - Q-FOG Specifications for comparative information, or see the Features Tab.

RH and Shower Functions
The Q-FOG model CRH can ramp to and maintain a defined RH value and temperature through the use of an air pre-conditioner, a blower module, and special atomizing humidification nozzles. DI water is required for proper operation. 

The Shower Function in the Q-FOG CRH is used for some automotive test specifications. A user-adjustable volume of solution is uniformly sprayed onto specimens through specially positioned spray nozzles.  The Shower Function offers the following advantages:

  • Nozzles are mounted to a spray bar, which can be easily removed when using the Fog Function
  • Spray droplets are much bigger, flow rates are much higher, and shower times are much shorter than the atomized solution mist in the Fog Function 
  • Shower on/off times can be directly programmed to allow for excellent control of corrosion rates 

Precise Control of Fog Dispersion
The Q-FOG CRH cyclic corrosion chamber has superior fog dispersion compared to conventional systems, which cannot vary volume and distance independently.  A variable speed peristaltic pump controls the amount of corrosive solution delivered to the fog atomizer, while the air pressure regulator controls the distance of the “throw.”  Note that purified water is required for proper operation of Q-FOG corrosion testers.

Internal Solution Reservoir
Space utilization is maximized and maintenance is minimized with the Q-FOG tester's internal solution reservoir. The 120 liter reservoir has enough capacity for running most tests for 7 days or more. The reservoir has an integral particulate filter and a built-in alarm to alert the operator when the solution is low.

Fast Cycling
Q-FOG testers can change temperatures exceptionally fast because of their unique internal chamber heater and their high volume cooling/dry-off blower. An additional air heater allows very low humidity dry-off exposures. Conventional chambers with water jackets cannot cycle rapidly because of the thermal mass of the water, nor can they produce low humidity.

If fast heating or dry-off conditions are required, as prescribed in test standards ISO 11997 and automotive CCT type tests, the CRH model can be configured with Rapid Ramp Heaters. This newly- designed heater system enables quick temperature and relative humidity transition in a fully- loaded chamber. The optional Rapid Ramp Heater configuration enables transition times to be achieved in a full chamber and those demanding automotive test standards to be met unconditionally.

The Q-FOG CRH tester’s chamber temperature and RH sensors should be calibrated by the user every six months to ensure accurate and consistent results.

Calibrating the temperature and RH sensors takes only a few minutes. It requires simple tools, a calibrated reference thermometer, and an insulated container.

Easy Programming and Sample Mounting
Test conditions, time, and temperature are controlled by a built-in microprocessor.  A remarkably simple user interface allows for easy programming and operation.  The operator can quickly create new cycles, or run any of the programmed cycles.  The Q-FOG controller includes complete self-diagnostics, including warning messages, routine service reminders, and safety shut down. 

Model CRH units come equipped with a viewing window in the side of the lid and an internal light to allow easy monitoring of the test conditions.

Q-FOG testers have a low belt line and an easy-opening lid for easy sample mounting.  The 600 model has a capacity of 160 test panels of 75 x 150 mm in size.  The 1100 model has a capacity of 240 test panels.

Q-FOG cyclic corrosion testers offer state of the art corrosion testing technology, reliability, ease of operation, and easy maintenance – all at a remarkably affordable price.

Specimen Holders
Standard test panel racks are available to accommodate flat specimens, such as Q-PANEL standard substrates. Racks can support up to 113 kg (250 pounds) each, and are slotted at 15 degrees from vertical. The 600 liter model can accommodate up to 160 specimens, 75 x 150 mm (3 x 6 in) in size, through 8 racks. The 1100 liter model can hold up to 240 specimens, using 10 racks.

Odd shaped parts (e.g. large, three-dimensional specimens) can be mounted on special 20 mm hanging rods. 

For extremely large or heavy three-dimensional objects (such as metal wheel rims, engine parts, etc.), a rack-level or diffusion-level grate kit may be used. The Q-FOG tester’s sturdy construction can support a well-distributed total load of up to 544 kg (1200 pounds), ensuring compatibility with even the heaviest of automotive and other components.

See our specimen mounting page, LF-8151 - Q-FOG Specimen Mounting, or inquire about the following common part numbers:

  • F-9008-K    Test Panel Holder Kit for 600 L Chambers, set of 8
  • F-9011-K    Test Panel Holder Kit for 1100 L Chambers, set of 10 
  • F-9014-K    Hanging Rod Kit for 600 L Chambers, 20 mm (3/4 in), set of 6 
  • F-9017-K    Hanging Rod Kit for 1100 L Chambers, 20 mm (3/4 in) , set of 8
  • F-8290        Specimen Mounting Grate for 600 L Chambers, Rack Level
  • F-8284        Specimen Mounting Grate for 1100 L Chambers, Rack Level
  • F-9220-X    CRH Corrosion Coupon Rack Kit

Other Accessories
Q-Lab offers a fog collection kit for the Q-FOG tester, which consists of a set of six graduated cylinders, o-rings, and collection funnels.  Fog collection is required by some tests.

A convenient salt kit is available, containing a pre-measured and certified quantity of NaCl (530 g) which allows for compatibility with ASTM B117. Just add the recommended amount of water to obtain a 5% solution.

Also available are a preventive maintenance parts kit and a nozzle cleaning kit.  These give users everything they need for the first full year of operation.

See our specimen mounting page, LF-8151 - Q-FOG Specimen Mounting, or inquire about the following common part numbers:

  • F-9001-K    Fog Collection Kit, Contains 6 graduated cylinders and collection funnels
  • F-9155-K    Start-Up Salt Kit; Contains pre-measured, certified NaCl
  • F-9125-K    CRH Preventive Maintenance Kit, 1 year supply of parts
  • F-8064-K    CRH Nozzle Cleaning Kit, 1 year supply of vinegar, 8 extra nozzles

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