Q-Lab公司作为材料耐久性测试产品全球供应商已经有 50 多年的历史。我们的产品和服务用于测试以下产品:涂料、塑料、汽车、个人护理、屋面材料、油墨、纺织品、制药、包装材料以及密封剂。Q-Lab 是一家以发展为导向,并且取得稳定发展的公司。出色的产品设计、创新以及卓越的质量和安全,让公司声名远扬。

Q-Lab has been named one of Northeast Ohio's best places to work by The Cleveland Plain Dealer for the fifth time.

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  • 被认可的个人成就
  • 薪资和奖金丰厚
  • 福利待遇综合全面:健康、医疗、人寿保险
  • 带薪假期
  • 浓厚的以人为本的企业文化
  • 工作氛围融洽和睦
  • 工作环境节奏快

Q-Lab 承诺为所有符合要求的个人提供平等的入职机会,不分种族、宗教、性别、国籍、生理或心理缺陷、年龄、残障或越战退伍军人身份。


Repair Support Coordinator (China)

发布时间: 2019/1/4

Repair Support Coordinator

If you are passionate about customer service, Q-Lab Corporation has an opportunity to take your administrative skills to the next level. You will have the opportunity to provide administrative support for service and repair of lab instruments to a diverse customer base in Shanghai, China for an industry leader in weathering research products and services.

For more than 50 years, Q-Lab has been a global provider of material durability testing products. We produce test substrates, weathering, light stability, corrosion and chip impact testers. Our products and services are used to test coatings, plastics, automotive, personal care, roofing, inks, textiles, pharmaceutical, packaging and sealants. Q-Lab is a growth-oriented and stable company who has earned a strong reputation for outstanding product design, innovation and uncompromising levels of quality and safety. We are focused on a market with huge potential due to the unique product line and use our extensive product knowledge to help clients best utilize our equipment and services.

 You will be responsible for:
Provide the customer with phone and email recommendations to resolve lab instrument issues and or follows up with on-going issues with the customer. This may include, but is not limited to; suggesting a change in the way the customer operates the equipment including good testing practices, processing repair and part quotes, sending replacement parts, referring the information to the main home office in the US for further guidance, or performs an on-site resolution.

• High School Diploma or Trade School Diploma and an Associate's degree (A. S.) or equivalent from two-year College or technical school graduate with five or more years of related experience with repair support or field repair experience.
• Excellent English and Chinese communication and customer service skills.
• Substantial knowledge of work processing and spreadsheet software applications.

We offer competitive pay and benefits and an excellent work environment.

Laboratory Manager (China)

发布时间: 2018/11/12



本职位是位于上海的中国加速老化及腐蚀实验室经理。一旦获得ISO 17025认证,你同时也将成为质量经理。本职位向中国区总经理汇报,同时遵照我们在美国的测试服务部门的指示,运营上海商业加速老化实验室,保持所有实验室设备在一流的运行状态,并向我们的客户提供卓越的测试服务及报告。



  • 在实验室进行实验
  • 与现有及潜在客户沟通解决问题并促成合作
  • 收发货物
  • 生成运行及测试分析报告
  • 操作我们的“QLIMS”实验室信息管理系统
  • 作为实验室质量控制经理
  • 对测试过程的方方面面进行评估
  • 设备的校准和维护(非维修)
  • 管理报价、账单、开票等

Q-Lab公司是一家材料耐久性测试产品全球供应商,设计和生产老化、光稳定性及腐蚀盐雾箱。此外,Q-Lab佛罗里达及亚利桑那还可以进行专业的户外曝晒测试。Q-Lab 现代化企业总部、研发中心以及生产厂房坐落在美国俄亥俄州Cleveland市美丽的西湖郊区,销售公司分布在英格兰、德国以及中国。我们是2012,2015,2016,2017及2018年最佳工作场所获得者(克利夫兰,俄亥俄州)。


Laboratory Manager (China)

This position is Laboratory Manager at our Accelerated Weathering and Corrosion Laboratory in Shanghai, China. You will also be the Quality Manager for the ISO 17025 accreditation once achieved. Reporting to the General Manager of the Q-Lab China office but following the directions of our Testing Service Division in USA, Operate all aspects of a commercial accelerated weathering lab, maintain all laboratory equipment in first class working condition, and provide superior testing services and reports to our customers.

We are looking for an all-around technical person to perform durability testing using laboratory weathering devices. The duties are varied and make use of many different skills. Our ideal candidate must be able to switch between mounting specimens into test chambers, consulting with customers, and producing electronic report documents. Someone who is willing to get inside and set up a test chamber, converse with a customer on technical issues, and ship packages all in the same day. You will be our main contact for testing services with our customers in China.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Performing exposure tests in laboratory devices
• Consulting with current customers and potential customers to address concerns and generate business
• Shipping and Receiving
• Creating Reports for Operational and Testing analysis
• Operate our “QLIMS” Laboratory Information Management System
• Act as Lab Quality Control Manager
• Perform evaluations on all aspects of the testing process
• Equipment Calibration and Maintenance (not repair)
• Manager all aspects of pricing, billing and invoicing

Q-Lab Corporation is a global leader in providing material durability testing products such as weathering testers, light stability testers and corrosion testers.  We maintain a global presence with manufacturing facilities in the US and sales and distribution facilities in England, Germany and China. We also perform expert contract testing at our benchmark exposure locations in Florida and Arizona.  Our world-class corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Westlake, Ohio.  We are a ‘2012, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Top Workplaces Award Winner’ (Cleveland, OH).

Senior Technical and Business Development Engineer (China)

发布时间: 2018/10/30




  • 通过日常联络和定期拜访,回答关于产品和测试服务的深入技术问题,支持客户和现有代理商网络。
  • ·与代理商一起参与重要的OEM销售电话,以提供技术支持,明确客户需求以及Q-Lab产品和服务如何满足他们的需求。
  • 领导技术项目。
  • 在研讨会上做技术演讲。
  • 代表Q-Lab参加标委会会议。
  • 组织产品技术培训,培训客户及代理商销售。
  • 与主要行业协会、机构及标委会建立并保持关系。
  • 做月度及季度报告。
  • 协助技术及市场开发总监制作市场开发计划,包括短期目标及长期目标。
  • 分析市场信息。
  • 和重要客户保持良好密切的关系。


  • 30%的工作时间需要出差,范围是中国及中国外的其他国家和地区。
  • 优秀的分析能力和批判性思维技能,拥有技术及商业头脑。
  • 良好的英语听说读写能力(大学英语六级同等水平)。
  • 能够阅读、分析以及理解一般的商业期刊、专业期刊、中英文技术流程。
  • 能够撰写报告,商务信函,商业计划书。
  • 能够有效地把复杂的信息呈现给其他人,并回答代理商或客户的问题。
  • 能够计算数字及金额,比如折扣、利息、佣金、占比、百分比、面积、周长及容量。
  • 能够解决实际问题,在有限的标准情况下处理多种变量。能够解读书面、口头、图表或时间表形式的指令。
  • 具备良好的微软办公软件(包括PPT)使用能力。
  • 每分钟至少能打20个字。


  • 大学本科以上学历,最好是理科或工科相关专业,比如高分子材料,腐蚀与防护等。
  • 研究生学历优先。
  • 10年以上技术支持的工作经验。
  • 具有汽车OEM工作经验者优先。
  • 具备耐候老化测试、腐蚀测试及设备工作经验者优先。


Purpose Of Job:

As the senior technical expert for Asia, assist Q-Lab in promoting weathering, lightfastness, and corrosion testing equipment and test services in Asia at key Distributors, customers, GB/ISO/ASTM standards groups, and in various technical forums.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support customers and the network of existing Distributors by answering in-depth technical questions about the products and test services through daily correspondence and periodic visits.
  • Participate with Distributors on key OEM sales calls to provide technical support and determine what the customer needs are and how Q-Lab’s products and services can meet their needs.
  • Lead various technical projects.
  • Give technical presentations at seminars and symposiums.
  • Represent Q-Lab at various standards meetings.
  • Coordinate technical product training for customers and sales representatives.
  • Communicate and set-up relationships with key industry associations, trade groups and standards bodies.
  • Produce monthly and quarterly reports.
  • Assist Technical and BD Director in developing a BD plan, including long and short term goals.
  • Analyze on information collected from the markets.
  • Work with and develop close relationship with key customer accounts.


  • Ability to travel 30% of the time and to obtain a visa to travel outside of China.
  • Excellent analysis ability and critical thinking skills, both technically and business-wise.
  • Excellent spoken and written English (comparable to CET 6).
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, 
    technical procedures in English and Chinese.
  • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, business plans.
  • Ability to effectively present complex information to small and large groups and respond to questions from Distributors or customers.
  • Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts, interest, commissions, proportions, percentages, area, circumference, and volume.
  • Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.
  • Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form.
  • Must have good working knowledge of Microsoft Office including PowerPoint.
  • Must be able to type a minimum of 20 WPM.

Education, Certificates or Special Training Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree – preferably with science or engineering related field, such as polymer, corrosion, etc.
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • A minimum of 10 years technical support experience.
  • Experience with Automotive OEM’s is HIGHLY desirable.
  • Experience with weathering and/or corrosion testing and equipment is also HIGHLY desirable.



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