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Space Saver Frame
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Space Saver Frame Space Saver Frame
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QUV space saver frames from Q-Lab help preserve space in crowded labs with multiple QUV test chambers. By allowing QUV testers to be stacked two-high, the frames efficiently make use of the same floor space in the lab. The QUV tester is designed with doors that swing up and out of the way for easy access to the chamber. QUV space saver frames maintain the benefits of this feature by allowing sufficient clearance between the upper and lower units. Frames are available in two different models for compatibility with all new and existing QUV testers. QCT testers may also be used with space saver frames.

QUV Space Saver Frames
In labs where space is a premium, most QUV UV testers can be stacked two-high with space saver frames. See LU-0820 - QUV Space Saver Specifications for more detailed information.

Heavy duty anodized aluminum construction helps the frame resist corrosion and keeps its appearance identical to the QUV units. Leveling feet permit secure installation on uneven floor surfaces.  Height of the top QUV tester in a standard space saver frame is 202 cm (79.5”); or 184 cm (72.5”) in the compact space saver frame model.

When ordering the compact model space saver frame, the plumbing is fully integrated for use with new QUV/spray machines.  For older units, or when using the standard frame with QUV/spray models, the space saver frame requires a plumbing box for each tester.  These boxes are different for the top and bottom positions, and are available in 120v or 230v.

See specification bulletin LU-0820 for part numbers and important information relating to QUV and QCT model compatibility.

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